Sunday, November 1, 2009

Posting Laziness

To explain my lack of posts, I will have to use the excuse of study abroad doldrums. Gym, school, host family time, out with friends. I guess this is what it feels like to finally begin to adjust to another country\culture. Of course, the harassment by jaded locals and the perception that all white people are mere walking dollar bills has been old for a while and is still irritating, I feel like the majority of us have gotten used to it enough to ignore it.
So, before explaining Halloween celebrations in a country that does not celebrate Halloween, I`ll give an overview of Senegal right now. It is hot but dry, so I can actually walk down the street without becoming a human water fountain. According to the Senegalese, the heat is supposed to dissipate by December, but these are also people who wear long sleeves and pants when the temperature drops below 80. It is also almost veggie season, so more and more carrots, cabbagge, etc. is appearing in our meals. Before I came here, I never realized how wonderful a couple of leaves of cabbage actually were. Or any vegetable for that matter. A white carb and meat based diet makes one truely thankful for the varied American diet.
And now...HALLOWEEN!
Alex, Estee, and I dressed up as half of the Spice Girls and we started out at the school party with Rachel, Allyson, Kristine, Keely, Jocelyn, and Heather. After much dancing and some wine, we opted for a change in venue and hopped Heather`s friend`s car to the US Marine house. However, once we were dropped off in the location where we thought the house was, we found ourselves stranded at 1 am on the Corniche, a road that runs alongside the ocean. Estee made a quick call to her friend at the Marine house and, lo and behold, and Marine SUV appeared within minutes to escort us to the house. And those are the American tax drivers hard at work; saving Halloween for exchange students everywhere. We finished the night with more dancing and a trip to another club. In all, I must say that Halloween in a Muslim country was surprisingly similar to the American version. Well, except for the fact that every conversation is conducted in French. And I think the taxi drivers were quite amused by our outfits as well. :)

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