Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cultural Ponderances

Hmmm...what to write, what to write. The days seem to all squish together, what with classes, working out, and fumbling my way through Dakar life. Assimilating into Dakar life is still a grand and, at times, frustrating adventure. All the people are extremely friendly, but the friendliness oftentimes seems odd and sometimes irritating to a born and bred New Yorker. We are supposed to greet the people we see on street everyday, like the security guards and street vendors, even if we've never actually had a conversation. Strangers say "hello" just for the sheer kicks of saying hello. Most of the time, the exchanges are refreshing; after all, who would have thought that a culture that makes simple niceties a necessity actually existed? Other times, all I want to do is retreat back into my "ignoring strangers is polite" American mindset.

I wonder what will happen when I return to the United States? Will I find it offensive when the newspaper vendor doesn't greet me with a "Hello, how are you?" every day? Will I be the student the homeless of Forbes Ave. love because I give them a few brief seconds of my day?

And...I'm being kicked out of the computer lab.

Ba beneen yoon (until next time)!

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