Monday, September 7, 2009

Week Three!

Time has started to fly by now that I've settled into something reminiscent of a schedule. Gym/run, class, email checking, Ramadan dinner. I'm finally getting used to Senegal as well. People randomly starting conversation in the street isn't as bothersome and I greet the bank security guard, the university guards, and the the coffee vendor daily as I walk to school.
I'm excited to see the non-Ramadan Dakar. Since 95% of the population do not eat during the day, most people sleep during the daylight hours, eat a huge dinner at the breaking of the fast, wake up at 4 am to eat breakfast, then sleep again. The clubs are closed (Dakar has a huge music scene), and restaurants don't open until the breaking of the fast at 7:30 pm.
However, being here during the Holy month is interesting as well. My host mom goes to the mosque multiple times a day, and I see my host father pray every night. He prays in a sing-song like way that includes bowing and a Muslim rosary. Furthermore, since my host dad is considered the grandfather of the neighborhood, the children of Sacre Coeur 3 (my neighborhood) bring him little pastries on occasion to show their respect. It's adorable when kids do this, as they approach the door really shyly to give him the pastries.

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